A Slice of Persia in Upstate NY

By on March 16, 2012

Celebrated landscape artist of the Hudson River School, Frederic Church settled in Upstate NY in the late 1800’s and named his castle Olana. Perhaps best known by the way his paintings created a sense of calmness and a glimmer of hope. He chose the piece of land high on a hill overlooking the valley and the Hudson River to build his palace. Frederic was a world traveler going to places like the Arctic all the way to the Middle East and Mexico, the design and furnishings that Olana boasts come from all over the world. The name Olana is old Latin for a place in Persia. Frederic loved and cherished this home and called it “the center of the world.”

Seeing this beauty in the distance is impressive, but the true artistry of his masterpiece is best experienced up close. The exterior is covered in intricate stencils, brick, stone and tile work, all designed by Church and all in vibrant colors. Sadly, Olana became Church’s last masterpiece. During the first few years of it’s creation, Church became afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis, making it almost impossible to paint, so instead he turned his attention to the ever evolving design of Olana. As the years went on, he had to add a wing to accomodate  his growing family and of course his growing collection of world art.

This is just another gem that Upstate NY holds. Plan a trip and experience the beauty of the area, you will not be disappointed!

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