Onteora Schools Offer Great Value to Homeowners with Students

By on March 30, 2011

A recent report furnished by the Ulster County Real Property Tax Service Agency revealed some interesting observations about which school districts are putting the highest monetary investment into students based on the amount of school taxes paid.   The data suggests that the Onteora School District, which covers Woodstock NY and surrounding areas, could offer the best educational value of all Ulster County school districts.

The first graph illustrates the average school tax bill for a home with a market value of $250,000 for each school district in Ulster County.

Average School Tax Bill By District in Ulster County

From this graph, it is evident that the typical resident that lives within the Onteora School Districts pays less school taxes than other Ulster County school districts.  An Onteora School District resident would only pay approximately $2620 per year if his/her home had a market value of $250,000.  That figure is nearly doubled within the Wallkill School District.

Now a reasonable person would think that if a district is receiving more school taxes from the typical resident, that the investment into each pupil would be higher, right?  The data reveals that actually almost the exact opposite is true.

Per Pupil Expenditure By District in Ulster County

Again, Onteora came out on top with an average per pupil expenditure of $31,264.  Wallkill came in last with a per pupil expenditure of $17,867.

In order to illustrate which school districts are spending the most per student while keeping property taxes low, I created a figure called an ‘Educational Value Index’.  The higher the index number, the better the educational value provided a given school district.

Educational Value Index for Ulster County

As one would expect from examining the prior graphs and then this one, Onteora is far and away the best educational value based on this measure.  The school districts are ranked as follows based on the Educational Value Index (in descending order):

  1. Onteora
  2. Rondout Valley
  3. Ellenville
  4. New Paltz
  5. Kingston
  6. Marlboro
  7. Saugerties
  8. Highland
  9. Wallkill

Although there are plenty of other data points that one would consider to quantify the best overall school district (like test scores), these figures certainly show that Woodstock is an excellent option if paying the least for the best educational value is an important consideration.

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